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An innovative approach to improving your health.

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Why Evolve?


The clinical team works together. They communicate, discuss and care about the specifics. You now have a medical professional, dietitian and coach in your corner.


There’s no diet or activity plan that’s right for everyone. At Evolve we do not automate your plan. Our patient first approach means your program is custom built to you.


Evolve combines the use of CGM wearable technology, medical visits and health coaching to help create the right plan for you and to help with the behavioural change needed to stick with it.

Lifestyle changes are the best way to prevent diabetes progression.

Lifestyle Changes

In a key study, researchers randomly assigned more than 3,000 prediabetic people to one of three treatments: lifestyle modifications (weight loss and exercise), metformin (a drug to reduce blood sugar) or placebo. Over the following 4 years, those who received the lifestyle modifications were least likely to progress to diabetes.

Adapted from G.A. Bray Et Al/New England Journal of Medicine 2002

Believing in a Healthy Future

Evolve Farming


We are inspired by food producers and everyone else who is dedicated to getting good food to our tables. The great food that can help treat and prevent chronic diseases wouldn't be available without the skilled commitment of those who grow it and provide it. With every forkful of nutritious food we salute you!

Evolve Researchers

Scientists, researchers,
doctors and teachers

We are grateful to be able to stand on the shoulders of the giants of health research and education. For us to provide well researched, quality health advice we lean on and learn from the brilliance of scientists, researchers, doctors and teachers. We can do great work for you, because they do great work for us. Thank you!

Evolve Food Security

Social Justice/Food security

We are motivated to see better access to lifestyle medicine interventions. We recognize that  inequality is a causative factor in many chronic diseases. Stress, poor access to nutritious food and lack of health education disproportionately affects too many people. As we grow as a company Evolve aims to help change the landscape of food insecurity.

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