Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions

Which CGM does Evolve use for their program(s)?

If you already have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) we can work with you to share your data remotely. The Evolve Medical team will then be able to create and adapt your plan as needed.
If you do not have a CGM and would like to use one, you can purchase one (the Freestyle Libre 2) for a discounted price through us. Each sensor lasts 14 days.  It pairs to your smart phone and can upload data to share with your Evolve Medical care team. You do not need to wear one every month. You can discuss the best and most cost effective use of a CGM with your care team.

Is it covered by extended medical?

We provide all active Members of Evolve with a prescription for a continuous glucose monitor. Your extended medical plan may cover the cost of the continuous glucose monitor and some of the services we provide.

I don’t have prediabetes or diabetes, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Many of our members do not have prediabetes or diabetes, but are interested in learning more about blood sugar management to optimize their health and prevent chronic diseases.

How will I be billed?

You’ll be billed once we've confirmed you're enrolment in the program.  The invoice will have a breakdown of the cost for the glucose monitor and the cost of the consultations and coaching.  If you have extended medical coverage you can submit this receipt to them.

Still have questions?

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